Men prefer pink female genitals to red

In order to find out which color of vagina men prefer, researchers of the University of Kent used similar, non-pornographic pictures of female genitals, which were “quite difficult” to find. Finally, they found a website set up so that women could anonymously submit photographs of their vulvas as part of a project meant to educate women on the diversity of genitals and improve self-esteem. The researchers picked four similarly angled photos and retouched each of them into pale pink, light pink, dark pink and red.

The researchers then asked 40 heterosexual men to look at all 16 images in random order and rank them on a 0-to-100 scale of attractiveness. The results showed that instead of preferring red, the men actually showed the least preference for red vulvas.

Researchers speculate that might be because when it comes to body parts, red could signify infection, cueing our brains to stay away.

Sources: Study via Livescience and MSN.

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