Hosting the Olympics Is 6-times more expensive than flying a robot to Mars

The $2.5 billion that it cost to launch Curiosity Rover may sounds like a lot, but as the Facebook group “I f**king love science” noted, that’s pocket change compared to the cost of the London Olympics … The group compared Curiosity’s $2.5 billion number from The New York Times and the Olympic’s $15 billion estimate from Forbes in a pie chart. (A pie chart suggests Curiosity and the Olympics were dipping from the same pool of money.)

Science lovers in the Facebook group reacted in a lot of different ways to the stark contrast. Some users said other things are bigger wastes of money, like war, which has now cost about $1.36 trillion according to Others talked about the long term investments of both, from the Olympic’s infrastructure to the jobs scientific experimentation makes.

Source: theatlanticwire.

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