This may be the weirdest human brain known to science


This strange picture of a blob is a completely smooth brain of an adult male. It has no ridges and folds so characteristic to the most complex organ of Homo sapiens. Not much known about the possessor of the brain, except that he ended his days in a psychiatric hospital in Texas in 1970.

Photographer Adam Voorhes spent a year trying to track down more information about this and nearly 100 other human brains held in a collection at the University of Texas, Austin, to no avail. The label on the jar states that the patient had agyria – a lack of gyri and sulci, the ridges and folds formed by the normally wrinkled cerebral cortex.

Typically, this condition leads to death by the age of 10 and can cause muscle spasms. Amazingly, the owner of the brain lived to his adult years.

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