E-cigarettes Are Bad For Your Lungs


According to a recent study from The American Physiological Society, e-cigarettes are bad for you. Scientists found out, that Acrolein was detected both in the E-cig liquid (unburnt/vaporized), and in the vapor. They said this indicates that some of the negative effects are probably independent of vaporizing temperature.

A study on the effects of cigarette smoke and e-cig solutions led researchers to conclude:

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Heavy consumption of iced-tea linked to kidney failure

Image via nbcnews.com
Image via nbcnews.com

An Arkansas man’s kidney failure linked to his habit of drinking a gallon of iced tea each day. 56-year-old U.S. man suddenly developed weakness, fatigue and body aches is leading doctors to warn that massive consumption of tea may be responsible for some puzzling cases of kidney failure. The source of the problem was an excessive amount of oxalate, a compound found in many foods. Excessive amounts can also come from “juicing,” having gastric bypass surgery, and by consuming foods with a lot of ascorbic acid such as spinach, rhubarb, nuts, wheat bran and chocolate.

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The Internet makes us think we’re smarter than we really are

Image by getfluid.com
Image by getfluid.com

According to a new study, searching the internet for information gives people a ‘widely inaccurate’ view of their own intelligence. A new psychological study from Yale University found that people who have access to an online search engine when researching a topic are overly confident in their knowledge of the world, as compared with people who use other, nondigital tools.

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‘The Daily Routines of Famous Creative People’, An Informative Infographic


Podio, a project management software company, has created a curious interactive infographic about how famous artists, philosophers, writers, and composers structured their daily life, as recorded in their own diaries and letters. Using data from Daily Rituals by author Mason Currey, the infographic shows how each person divided their time to work at their creative best.

– via Laughing Squid

Artist Spent 10 Years Carving a Giant Cave – Alone With His Dog

01 - zkUEvoI

For the last 10 years, American artist Ra Paulette has been walking alone into New Mexico’s desert to work. He spends his time carving a sandstone cave that he found, turning it into a wonderful subterranean space full of light.

With no one but his dog for company, Paulette created different designs and styles for every cavern, giving each one very specific qualities and textures.

The purpose of this gigantic artwork is to create an environment that would inspire “spiritual renewal and personal well being.” It will also serve as a venue for artistic events once it’s finished.

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A rare deep-sea anglerfish is caught on video for the first time

A rare black seadevil was captured for the first time on video in Monterey Canyon, and it’s a weird creature. The canyon plunges to a depth of nearly 3 miles — or 14,763 feet. The creature was caught alive on camera at about 1,900 feet. The fish, also known as a deep-sea anglerfish, is about 3.5 inches long. They die when brought to the surface. Anglerfish don’t have a swim bladder, so, unlike some other deep-sea animals, they won’t have all of their organs pushed out of their mouth when they’re brought up. The difference in pressure (and temperature, amongst other things) still kills them.

– via latimes.com