Army Literacy Test: Used on recruits in WWI

How literate are you by 1918 standards? Here is one version of the Devens Literacy Test, used on Army recruits during World War. The test was designed by psychologist E.A. Shaw and named after Camp Devens, in Ayer, Mass., where it was developed. It begins with simple queries meant to be answerable by people with minimal education, moving forward into more and more difficult questions targeted at soldiers who had been to college.


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Caffeine consumption slows down brain development


Children’s and young adults’ average caffeine consumption has increased by more than 70 per cent over the past 30 years, and an end to this rise is not in sight: the drinks industry is posting its fastest-growing sales in the segment of caffeine-laden energy drinks. Not everybody is pleased about this development. Some people are worried about possible health risks caused in young consumers by the pick-me-up.

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This may be the weirdest human brain known to science


This strange picture of a blob is a completely smooth brain of an adult male. It has no ridges and folds so characteristic to the most complex organ of Homo sapiens. Not much known about the possessor of the brain, except that he ended his days in a psychiatric hospital in Texas in 1970.

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