Life Expectancies Around the World


Visual journalist Marcelo Duhalde has created an infographic that displays life expectancies around the world. According to his research, a person born in 2013 in Monaco has the highest expected life span — an average of 90 years — while Chad has the worst with an average of just under 50 years.

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Burgers are three times bigger than they were in the 50s

Recent research suggests that the bigger your plate, the likelier it is you’ll overeat. The same logic may apply to fast food, where according to a new infographic by the Centers for Disease Control, portion sizes for popular items have increased dramatically since the 1950s.

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Norway is the best place in the world to be a mom

According to the 13th annual Mothers Report by Save the Children, Norway ranks highest across the globe for health, education, economic conditions and well-being of moms and their kids. Iceland comes in second, and Sweden rounds out the top three. The worst-ranked nation was Niger, followed by Afghanistan and Yemen.

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