25 Billboards with Interesting Science Facts


Science World is a not-for-profit organization dedicated spreading the wonder of science for kids and adults alike.

In collaboration with their long-term advertising agency partners Rethink, Science World are well known in Canada for their award-winning outdoor and ambient media campaigns. From billboards and bus shelters to product placements, Science World campaigns are popular in Vancouver for their quirky content and unusual presentation.

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One in Four Americans is Unaware that Earth Orbits the Sun


The National Science Foundation (NSF) published an unexpected poll result: around 25 percent of Americans don’t know that the Earth orbits the sun. Perhaps this is just an anomaly; a statistical error? However, another outcome of the same poll appeared recently concluded that the majority of young Americans think astrology is a science.

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Army Literacy Test: Used on recruits in WWI

How literate are you by 1918 standards? Here is one version of the Devens Literacy Test, used on Army recruits during World War. The test was designed by psychologist E.A. Shaw and named after Camp Devens, in Ayer, Mass., where it was developed. It begins with simple queries meant to be answerable by people with minimal education, moving forward into more and more difficult questions targeted at soldiers who had been to college.


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A University in Texas has a course that requires students to play Skyrim

This course is called “Scandinavian Fantasy Worlds: Old Norse Sagas and Skyrim” and is being offered at Rice University in Houston, Texas. The course has students read translated versions of Old Norse and Old Icelandic Sagas as they play through specific quests in Skyrim. They then examine how medieval Scandinavian culture influenced Skyrim, and then look at what else in our lives might have been influenced by the same things. And it’s a pretty good strategy to teach the students this stuff, seeing as how they love Skyrim or just video games in general.

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