This Map Illustrates which States Have the Longest (and Shortest) Sex


The Spreadsheets App, a mobile app that uses your phone’s accelerometer and speakers to provide statistical feedback about your duration and decibel peak, is taking the data to the bedroom.

Sex isn’t a sport, but there’s nothing like healthy American competition. Check out if your state made it last. If this were the sexual Olympics, New Mexico’s got the gold.

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Castration adds years to men’s lives

Although many studies have shown that there are trade-offs between longevity and reproduction, whether such trade-offs exist in humans has been a matter of debate. In many species, including humans, males live shorter than females, which could be due to the action of male sex hormones. Castration, which removes the source of male sex hormones, prolongs male lifespan in many animals, but this issue has been debated in humans.

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Ancient Roman coins with sex scenes – sprintia

This is a spintria (plural, spintriae). Some scholars have argued that spintriae were used to pay prostitutes, possibly for use in brothels. Since there were a lot of foreigners coming to the city that did not speak the language and most of the prostitutes were slaves captured from other places the coins made the transactions easy and efficient. One side of these coins showed what the buyer wanted and the other showed the amount of money to be paid for the act. There is no direct ancient evidence, however, to support the theory that spintriae were created as tokens for exchange in place of official coinage.

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Scientists filmed a couple having sex using a MRI

This is the first video of a couple having sex in an MRI scanner (see video). Just released, it was made from a series of images captured during an experiment some years ago. The study aimed to prove that it was possible to image male and female genitals during sex and to help better understand human anatomy.

As should be obvious, the video is sexually explicit.

Czech composer composed Sonata Erotica in 1919

Erwin Schulhoff (8 June 1894 – 18 August 1942), a Czech composer, pianist and communist, composed Sonata Erotica for female voice solo in 1919. As the title suggests, his Sonata Erotica doesn’t leave much to the imagination: the solo female vocalist moans, gasps and giggles her way through the score in an extended musical orgasm.

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Men prefer pink female genitals to red

In order to find out which color of vagina men prefer, researchers of the University of Kent used similar, non-pornographic pictures of female genitals, which were “quite difficult” to find. Finally, they found a website set up so that women could anonymously submit photographs of their vulvas as part of a project meant to educate women on the diversity of genitals and improve self-esteem. The researchers picked four similarly angled photos and retouched each of them into pale pink, light pink, dark pink and red.

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