Why not to use Facebook


Facebook is a popular online social networking service. Facebook has met with controversies. It has been blocked in several countries on different bases. For example, it was banned in many countries of the world on the basis of allowed content judged as anti-Islamic and containing religious discrimination. Recently, more and more people are finding reasons not to use it. The privacy of Facebook users has also been an issue. The number one reason for users to quit Facebook was privacy concerns (48%), being followed by a general dissatisfaction with Facebook (14%), negative aspects regarding Facebook friends (13%) and the feeling of getting addicted to Facebook (6%).

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The ‘scariest search engine on the Internet’ finds Web-connected devices that Google doesn’t


“When people don’t see stuff on Google, they think no one can find it. That’s not true.” – John Matherly, creator of Shodan, the scariest search engine on the Internet.

Unlike Google, which crawls the Web looking for websites, Shodan navigates the Internet’s back doors. It’s a kind of “dark” search engine, called by ZDNet the “Google for hackers”, looking for the servers, random webcams, printers, routers and all the other stuff that is connected to and makes up the Internet.

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